Building JTcl

JTcl builds with Ant or Maven (preferred).

The TJC package, Tcl to Java Compiler, is written in Tcl (stage 1) and is compiled with itself to produce Java code (stage 2). Subsequently, building the TJC stage 2 compiler may take 5 - 20 minutes or longer. When building with ant, the stage 2 compiler is built when ant package is run. When building with Maven, the stage 2 compiler is built when mvn -DskipTests package is run, and will only be rebuilt again if the TJC compiler source is changed, or the top-level files tjc.jar or tjcsrc.jar are missing. The stage 2 files tjc.jar and tjcsrc.jar are created locally and not included in the distribution.

The full JTcl release and website are built with Maven.

Building with Maven

Build the JTcl release, output files in the target directory:

mvn -DskipTests clean javadoc:javadoc site package 

Compile and build .jar file only:

mvn -DskipTests clean compile jar:jar

Compile and run test suite. Note - Java 1.6 is required for full test coverage:

mvn clean test

Building with Ant (deprecated)

ant clean
ant compile
ant package

Creating a development environment

Install Java JDK 1.6 or higher, if not already installed. The JTcl project uses the Git version control system.

git clone

JTcl source code includes .project and .classpath files for the Eclipse development system.